"Proper" Record Brush (PRB) Free shipping with any order.
"Proper" Record Brush (PRB) Free shipping with any order.
Squeaky Clean Vinyl

"Proper" Record Brush (PRB) Free shipping with any order.

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This is a work in progress but is also a substantial improvement to any dry record brush you have used . As you can see from the second photo I have tried many.

This is intended as a dry-brush only. While it may work fine as a wet brush, the numerous cleaning formulas may attack the adhesive and are beyond my control. 

Other brushes work like a snow-plow, the brush is held flat against the record and pushes dirt ahead of it, essentially only using the leading edge to collect dust. They generally leave a line of contaminants behind them as you lift because there is only so much dust a tiny folded edge  can hold. 

Mine is different as you can push all of the dust to the leading edge and the roll it away due to the eccentric shape. Quick swipe with your your finger removes collected dust from the brush.

3D printed body and super-soft velvet applied with 3M 300SLE tape.

Colour is whatever I have on hand.

The cost of shipping this alone is quite high so it makes sense to add to your order of an RCM.