This is a very small part of a really small company known as Canfab3D.com that builds prototypes, 3D prints and and can pretty much solve all of your problems.

I am not a web designer or marketing expert. I don't have slick videos or packaging or free shipping. 

What is available here has been designed, created and used by me. I love tech, 3D printing and I love vinyl and that is how each and every one of these products has come to these pages.

If you don't see what you need or if you have an idea for an item that doesn't exist please feel free to check out Canfab3D.com and contact me with your ideas and I would love to work with you.

In order to keep things simple, all prices are now  listed in American dollars and shipping is at your expense. I am happy to provide a shipping quote to anywhere in the world. It will include tracking and I do not profit from, or mark up shipping costs. If you live outside of North America you may end up having to pay VAT or import charges and these are up to you to investigate.

Guess what? I include enough surfactant to clean up to 800 records. You only need to supply distilled water and ISO alcohol that is readily available in your home town. Free wetting agent with every RCM order so you don't need to buy expensive third party cleaning fluid.

 This is my favorite cleaning solution:https://londonjazzcollector.wordpress.com/for-audiophiles/home-brew-cleaner-for-vacuum-rcms/

I am now including enough Ilford Ilfotol (20ml) to make  4L (~1gallon) of cleaning solution, enough to clean up to 800 records. You will need to supply the water and the ISO but they are easy to find locally in sensible quantities.

I'm also including a 5ml syringe as suggested in the above article so you can mix and apply your formula with accuracy.