Free Shipping is back for the Holidays. Enter "I Love Vinyl" at check-out. Check out the site, Goggle my product in forums and relax and buy more dirty vinyl. This deal won't end until December 27th and you can clean up anything you bought over the Holiday's when you actually had some spare time to browse some crates.

Cyber Monday was fun and it seems that free shipping is a great trigger for sales. The best part is that I got my rig quickly into a bunch of vinyl lovers hands.

This is a very small part of a really small company known as that builds prototypes, 3D prints and and can pretty much solve all of your problems.

I am not a web designer or marketing expert. I don't have slick videos or packaging or free shipping. 

What is available here has been designed, created and used by me. I love tech, 3D printing and I love vinyl and that is how each and every one of these products has come to these pages.

If you don't see what you need or if you have an idea for an item that doesn't exist please feel free to check out and contact me with your ideas and I would love to work with you.

In order to keep things simple, all prices are now  listed in American dollars and shipping is at your expense. I am happy to provide a shipping quote to anywhere in the world. It will include tracking and I do not profit from, or mark up shipping costs. If you live outside of North America you may end up having to pay VAT or import charges and these are up to you to investigate.