Zerostat Holster
Zerostat Holster
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Zerostat Holster

Regular price $20.00

I was tired of finding a place to put my Zerostat 3 down. I'm pretty anal about what's around my TT so I designed and 3D printed this holster so it's always got a spot to sit. It also has a spot to hold the neon tester but that can be removed from the print if you don't have one.

The current design has "Zerostat" printed on it but this can be changed to whatever you like or removed all together.
The base can be supplied with a magnetic strip so it holds firmly to your receiver, High grip foam tape so you can place it on a non metallic surface or double sided tape for a more permanent (but non-marring) installation.

Shipped in black, if you want another colour just get in touch with me.

The price reflects the fact that these are produced by a human, one at a time and customized to your liking. This is actually an excellent price for a 3D printed object as we sell these types of things just to keep our machines up and running.

Just let me know what options you would like in the notes section of your payment and we would be glad to print one for you!

Any thoughts on other things we can produce for you are always welcome.